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Audio technology home theater

In addition to the best picture performance, the sound range should also be transmitted as realistically as possible. Today’s premium home theaters have audio

have audio technology that allows them to manage significantly more audio channels than the normal 7.1 standard (8 audio channels). Thus, we show in the MovieCore showroom according to a defined standard ( DOLBY ATMOS®, AURO -3D®, DTS:X® ) over 2 speaker systems (total 96 speakers), at different positions, according to Trinnov installation guide distributed throughout the room. A Dante switching of both active systems also allows a perfect comparison of the different speaker concepts.

Audio technology home theater: with professional 3D sound, as a listener you feel as if you are in the middle of the action.

While stereo recordings can present sound from the left and right, but not from above, below or behind, 360-degree sound lets you create an intense and more immersive spatial impression. Using AV preamps from Trinnov Audio in combination with special screen speakers from Ascendo Immersive Audio and MAG Cinema, the sound above and below the LED Cinema Screen can be manipulated so that the sound is also perceived as coming from above and from the center of the image. Along with the special screen speakers, MovieCore will also host the world premiere of Ascendo Immersive Audio’s new 80-inch infrasonic subwoofer. The 2.4-meter-diameter loudspeaker will be hidden behind the cinema in a 15-ton enclosure. Audio Technology Home Cinema by ARLED.

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ASCENDO Immersive Audio

For two decades ASCENDO has been researching the ideal loudspeaker. We consistently implement the results of our work in the development and production of our loudspeakers. You can hear, see, feel – and enjoy it every day.

20 years of research and development for the ideal loudspeaker. That is ASCENDO Immersive Audio. Consistent speaker development and production means you can enjoy every day.

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MAG Cinema

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for MAG Audio Company. Based on more than 25 years of experience, MAG Audio offers a professional team of sound engineers, technicians and audio experts working towards the same goal: the best products for sounding rooms.

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It is THE industry platform

Trinnov Audio

Trinnov has been a recognized specialist and market leader in immersive sound technologies since the early 2000s. The Altitude platform has been the industry reference product since 2014.

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