Andreas and Alexander Riemann (CEO)

Movie Core – your showroom home cinema in a new dimension

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We present you an extraordinary reference cinema with an area of ​​88 square meters and a volume of 390 cubic meters in northern Germany.

Various professional projectors with the latest LED technology (image width: 6 meters) in combination with two different audio systems will be presented for the first time in order to be able to offer a picture and sound solution tailored to your preferences.

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  • The Movie Core in Lübeck Germany
  • The Movie Core in Lübeck Germany
  • The Movie Core in Lübeck Germany

Imagefilm Movie Core

Movie Core Lübeck Germany

Live performance

Absolutely rich cinema sound in 17.2.13 operation. Our partners for more sound: ASCENDO / MAG Cinema / Audio Soundsystems / Trinnov.

First Home Cinema LED Screen by ARLED

Germany’s first home theater LED video wall. Absolutely crystal clear picture and almost 100% black thanks to ARLED LED Videowall.

With RGB laser projectors

Experience among others the new flagship from Barco Freya+ or Christie 4K M ARLED Edition, which we offer among others for home theater.

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The Reality:

Cinema is Life

The “Movie-Core” cinema was planned in the ARLED team and especially in the technical area by Andreas Riemann. As an active member in various forums nationally and internationally, “ANDY_Cres” is a well-known name in the home theater scene. Through his creative drive developed, among other things, the ARLED Cinema Screens, known on the market since 2011, which the company ARLED Solutions GmbH still manufactures by hand.

The company is managed in second generation by Alexander Riemann and markets besides normal and LED acoustic modules also other digital LED units, displays and software solutions. Andreas, as technical director, focuses on the development of new markets and products.

The ARLED Cinema sets a new standard in home theater construction. It shows absolutely unique components and combinations in AV technology, which describes new ways in “immersion home cinema” and inspires (home) cinema enthusiasts. We rely exclusively on high-quality components and first-class partners for our projects.

Experience 360 degree videos
  • Movie Core Lübeck Germany
  • The Movie Core 3D visualization
  • Movie Core Lübeck Germany
  • Movie Core Lübeck Germany


  • Home theater auditorium with ceiling height of about 4.5 to 6 meters

  • Room in room concept: base walls are in solid brick KS

  • Gross floor area: 88 square meters

  • 6m wide custom electric motorized screen with side electric masking and AT film cloth for RGB laser projectors

  • Professional projectors from the house of Barco and Christie

  • 6.1 meter wide Cinemascope front LED screen DCI P3

  • Germany’s first combination of professional projectors and LED screen

  • Additional image extension (immersion) on sides and ceiling with LED screen. Total approx. 50 sqm playable LED surfaces

  • Over 300m of LED strips, of which approx. 200m are digital LED tubes

  • The room is comprehensively designed with acoustic measures and meets the RT60 standard. In addition, the energy distribution (ETC) is constant from 50Hz in a maximum deviation of 20ms in the room.

  • Experience image and sound technology in a new dimension and immersion!

Open your mind

More image area – more experience

  • The Movie Core in Lübeck Germany
  • The Movie Core in Lübeck Germany
  • The Movie Core in Lübeck Germany

We are the first in Germany

Mini LED Wall in home theater

Our Movie Core has a mini LED video wall. In parallel, a maskable screen is installed to compare the advantages of a projection or an LED screen. A LED Screen in the home cinema? Unique in Europe: additional LED surfaces on the sides and on the ceiling. In total, more than 50 square meters of LED surfaces are installed.


  • The cinema has a gross floor area of 10.50 x 8.10 meters plus subwoofer footprint.

  • The cinema is laid out like an auditorium. The subsequent net height is between 4.50 – 5.80 meters. The ceiling height thus remains relatively constant, even when walking on the respective platforms.

  • The room has 390 cubic meters of volume.

  • The cinema is a room within a room concept. All surrounding base walls are made of solid brick KS 24 centimeters thick (total weight approx. 140 tons).

  • There are two platforms in Curved optics integrated into the room, with the second row of seats already installed in an elevated position.

  • The difference in the height of the platforms is about 51 centimeters, which includes 3 steps each. The steps are a comfortable 35 centimeters deep. The platform in the rear area (2nd row of seats) is installed about 102 centimeters from the floor here.

  • The bearing of the platform construction is based circumferentially on special rubber damper supports and is mounted in a swinging manner, with a total weight of approx. 4.5 tons without persons,

  • The cinema room and the anterooms are equipped with a separate decentralized ventilation, air conditioning and heating system. The cinema room thus has 3x to 5x air exchange per hour.


  • The front area is designed as a combined baffle wall with various calculated plate absorbers (depth: approx. 95 centimeters )

  • The rear area is equipped with different bass absorber units and correspondingly adapted plate absorbers. The depth varies here between 50 – 125 centimeters in the structure. The rear wall area is approx. 45 square meters, which is thus comprehensively equipped with various acoustic solutions.

  • The side walls are clad between 20 – 45 centimeters with various acoustic measures, alternating absorption with diffusion, including 2D Schröder diffusers.

  • The ceiling area is built between 45 – 90 centimeters absorbent including full-surface design with perforated panels. In addition, 3D Skyline diffusers are installed in the front and rear areas, which are also acoustically calculated to the overall concept of the LS.

  • The air area in the two pedestals is also used as bass absorption and is equipped with different materials in several chambers.

  • Basically, approx. 150 cubic meters of different absorption materials are installed here, as well as approx. 4 tons of plate material.

  • All measures are covered wall-high with ARLED acoustic aluminum frames (depth: 120mm ; total weight: approx. 2,700 kg) including fabric covering, which were installed optically free-floating. The fabrics, which are individually assembled with flat piping, can be easily exchanged and thus enable simple revision.

Control and video technology:

  • The control technology is divided among 3 server cabinets (54 U each).

  • In the projector technology area, a platform with sliding carriage is mounted in order to be able to install any projectors there comfortably. The projectors can also be lifted very easily onto the sliding platform using an electric ant.

  • The cinema has a 600 centimeter wide ARLED Cinema Screen Cinema Scope AT foil screen (microperforated and also suitable for RGB laser projectors), in the size of 600 x 250 centimeters , including circumferential approx. 75 millimeters black cash. The screen is also electrically maskable. The screen is a motorized roller screen with special tension system.

  • In addition, the cinema has a 610-centimeter-wide LED video wall with a pixel pitch of 1.2 millimeters (including HDR and 3D function). In Cinema Scope design (format approx. 2.40:1). The motorized screen construction covers the LED screen when content is shown. The LED Screen has a maximum luminance of approx. 1300 Nit (1300 cd/sqm). We can thus compare any projector in the world with the emerging video wall technology.

  • Other players for DTM video processing include Lumagen, Mad VR Envy, Apple TV and Oppo.

  • Control is provided by CRESTRON including video and audio routers.

Audio technology

  • The cinema is equipped with two loudspeaker systems from the manufacturers Ascendo and MAG Cinema. All speakers are actively driven by DSP-Dante AIA power amplifiers with switching unit

  • The Ascendo setup is a 17.2.13 setup

    World premiere: 80 inch Infrasub ; Director LED Screen loudspeaker

  • The MAG Cinema setup is a 17.1.14 setup

    World premiere: First installation from the official Cinema series with the new Thor subwoofer design, among others.

  • A total of 92 loudspeakers are installed (weight: 20.500 Kg)

  • The preamp is a Trinnov Altitude 32 with 2x 32 channels.

  • In the area of power amplifiers, various models are used, mostly with DSP support (Ascendo Dante, Powersoft, Crown XTI series).

  • A total of approx. 2,200 m of connection cable was installed for the loudspeakers, among other things.

International feedback

We know what we are doing

Award-winning home theaters thanks to our products

Honored with the Home Theater Award nationally in two categories (best living room integration and in the professional field best sound), our home theaters are among the best in the world (international award in the book volume “Home Theaters – The Best Home Theaters in the World”). In the background, our products and know-how ensure impressive performance.

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