Highest quality AV components for your cinema

AV components

We provide you with exclusive audio and video components from the leading manufacturers on the market. In addition to the highest quality audio technology from Trinnov, Ascendo Immersive Audio, Barco, Crestron and many more, we also provide you with the most professional video technology, such as the award-winning madVR Envy.

First Class Audio-Video-Components

All components are modularly combined to form complete systems, which in turn further enhance existing or new A/V technology. Together with the manufacturers, we configure the systems to a maximum performance level. In this way, we achieve the best results for you and cater to your tastes and needs.

Industry leader and platform provider

madVR Envy

The award-winning madVR Envy uses patent-pending video processing to deliver the ultimate image quality in your dedicated home theater. Enjoy the most dramatic yet highly accurate dynamic 4K HDR sound mapping, instant aspect ratio detection, subtitle management for scope screens, and non-linear stretching like you’ve never seen before.

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For commercial as well as private cinemas

Display Technologies Port Hole Glass

Port Hole Glass Double Glazed features dual panes of high performance optical glass with anti-reflective coatings on both sides to provide light transmission of over 95% across Rec2020 wavelengths without compromising color or contrast.

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Projector Porthole Glass Room visualization