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madVR Envy MK2

The all-new madVR Envy MK2 is a true powerhouse in dedicated video editing for high-end home theaters and media rooms. With a huge boost in GPU performance, state-of-the-art system components, a completely redesigned cooling system, a new premium backlit remote control and an exquisite chassis designed from the ground up, the Envy MK2 is the result of 1.5 years of meticulous development and engineering.

In addition, the Envy MK2 boasts several industry-first features, a new premium backlit remote control, user-friendly installation and operation, and an unmatched 5-year parts and labor warranty. Whether you’re a high-end professional integrator or an enthusiast looking for the ultimate cinematic experience, the Envy MK2 delivers unparalleled video quality, performance and reliability. Below we look at the details that make the Envy MK2 special and set it even further apart in the market.

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Improved GPU performance and high-quality system components

The Envy Extreme MK2 is equipped with the Nvidia 4080 GPU, which boosts GPU performance by up to 100% over the Extreme MK1’s 3080 GPU while delivering exceptional cooling and efficiency benefits. This additional GPU power gives the Envy significant headroom to run more algorithms simultaneously and at higher quality, while paving the way for future industry-first AI-based algorithms. The first of these GPU-demanding algorithms, already in beta testing, is our groundbreaking MotionAITM motion interpolation technology. Other industry-first AI-based algorithms on our roadmap include:

AI-based Dynamic Tone Mapping (DTM gen3)

Motion-compensated multi-frame noise reduction

Motion-compensated multi-frame super-resolution (upscaling)

Motion-compensated multi-frame deinterlacing

NGU upscaling 2.0

Luma-guided AI chroma upscaling and more.

The Envy MK2 is equipped with high quality, upgraded components throughout and now also features ECC RAM and doubled SSD storage and RAM size, setting a new standard for dedicated video processing in the home theater market. The use of ECC RAM is a particularly notable achievement as this technology is normally only available in professional workstation and server environments where stability and reliability are critical. This technology automatically detects and corrects random RAM bit errors, ensuring unparalleled performance and stability in the Envy MK2. Combined with other cutting-edge hardware, including a more powerful CPU, increased SSD storage and expanded RAM capacity, the Envy MK2 delivers an exceptional video processing experience that is unmatched today and ready for the future. The Envy Pro MK2 also features an improved GPU compared to the previous model with a triple fan design for improved cooling efficiency and noise reduction and has the same high-end chassis, premium components including ECC RAM, an improved CPU, doubled SSD storage capacity and RAM size, a quieter and more advanced power supply than the previous model, a premium backlit remote control and the Glacier X2 cooling system – all as in the Extreme MK2.

Glacier X2 cooling system

The Envy MK2’s Glacier X2 cooling system continues to set itself apart from its predecessor, offering 50% more airflow and larger heatsinks on the GPU that contribute to improved cooling performance. Hundreds of thermal tests under various conditions were conducted to develop the ultimate cooling solution. This includes the innovative use of an airflow director to strategically channel air within the case, designing a case that optimally directs airflow from the bottom case fans, and even moving the power supply to the opposite side of the case to ensure maximum airflow for the HDMI input card and GPU.

The MK2 now uses three 140mm and two 120mm fans with high static pressure and an exceptional cooling to noise ratio. The Envy firmware offers three different presets to balance cooling and fan noise, as well as an advanced mode that allows the end user to customize the desired fan curves for the CPU cooler, case fans and GPU fans. The new GPU fans, together with the case fans and Glacier X2 design, reduce noise to the point where they are virtually inaudible from a few meters away, especially in silent mode.

High-quality housing and refined aesthetics

The Envy MK2 features a brand new, custom-designed all-aluminum enclosure with a 3mm diameter (5mm in the rear), 20mm front panel and custom-fitted rack ears. The development process involved several rounds of obsessive prototyping and testing, spanning over a year and a half, to ensure that every aspect of the MK2 met the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our meticulous attention to detail in the design and construction of the MK2 is evident in every aspect, from the engineering around the state-of-the-art GPU to the smallest details, such as the custom case screws that ensure a perfect finish. The seamless, one-piece design of the lid and side panels gives the case a modern, high-quality look. The brushed black anodized aluminum front panel is adorned with an elegant madVR logo, the words “Envy” and the company motto “Every Pixel Counts”, resulting in a sophisticated yet understated design.

The front panel also has a newly designed power switch and a light ring with ideal brightness for use in a dark movie theater. If you wish, you can permanently deactivate the light ring with a switch on the underside of the device. The housing exudes quality and offers a look that is in no way inferior to other luxurious high-end A/V devices. The MK2 also features a significant reduction in size from 5U to 4U, making it more space efficient in racks and more versatile in rooms with poor ventilation. The custom-built I/O panel and redesigned rear panel contribute to highly efficient ventilation and provide the true look of an A/V device.

Customized packaging and first-class unboxing experience

The Envy MK2 comes with custom packaging and internal mounts, including a specially designed “GPU protection cage” to ensure all components are well protected at all times, even during transportation. A sleek black fabric sleeve with the distinctive Envy logo wraps the Envy MK2 to further enhance the premium unboxing experience and set the stage for the high-quality product inside and the luxury experience to be expected. A separate accessory box stores all the essentials, including matching rack ears with mounting screws, power cable and a new premium backlit remote control.

New premium remote control with backlight

The Envy MK2 remote control has been given a sleek new design that includes an ergonomic housing and an aluminum front panel with illuminated buttons. The new design not only looks good, but also feels good in the hand, with a balanced weight that makes it a pleasure to use. The sensor-activated illuminated buttons make it easy to use in a dark movie theater, and the adjustable illumination duration allows users to choose their preferred duration or turn off the illumination altogether. The Envy MK2 remote features dedicated info and back buttons, two additional colored buttons (cyan and magenta) that can assign more flexible buttons to the user, and a low battery warning in the Envy menu. Overall, the new remote represents a significant upgrade that addresses a highly requested feature – backlit buttons – and provides an even better user experience. Like its predecessor, it features both IR and RF. This improved remote will be available shortly after the launch of the MK2, although the MK2 will initially ship with the previous remote. MK2 customers will receive the new remote control free of charge shortly afterwards.

Introducing our best-in-class 5-year guarantee

As a testament to our confidence in our work and our commitment to outstanding customer service and quality support, we are proud to extend our best-in-class warranty to 5 years for the Envy Extreme MK2 and Envy Pro MK2 models. This warranty is unmatched in the dedicated video processor market and exceeds the warranty of all other video processors of its kind, which typically only offer a one-year warranty. In addition, the warranty has been extended from the 3 and 2 years of the Extreme MK1 and Pro MK1 respectively. Investing in an Envy MK2 is not only an investment in the highest quality video processing technology, but also in the long-term reliability and satisfaction of your home theater experience. With the Envy MK2 series, you can count on the quality, performance and reliability of your video processing solution for many years to come.

Another competitive advantage of the Envy

The Envy MK2 is an example of our commitment to delivering user-friendly products with cutting-edge technology. Our vision is to use adaptable, modern hardware to develop and deliver products that take full advantage of the latest technological advances, including artificial intelligence (AI). The Envy MK2 is a true testament to this approach and demonstrates our forward-thinking design and development. With next-generation algorithms such as MotionAI, the Envy MK2 harnesses the power of its cutting-edge hardware to deliver unparalleled video quality and performance. The significant improvements cement our position as the industry leader in video processing, offering high-end integrators and end users the ultimate home theater and media room experience.

Superior performance for the investment

The Envy Extreme MK2 and Envy Pro MK2 are priced at €19990,-* and €9990,-* respectively. Like its predecessor, the MK2 price is higher than other video processors, yet the new Envy MK2 series offers award-winning “best-in-class” video editing with several industry-first features not found in any other video processor. The Envy MK2 offers a huge performance boost, future-proofing, high-quality modern hardware components, a premium chassis, an improved backlit remote control, vastly improved cooling performance and an unrivaled five-year warranty for a video processor. It’s also worth noting that many other A/V products have seen similar price increases in recent years, largely due to COVID, with little or no changes to their offerings, while the Envy MK2 offers substantial improvements over its predecessor.


The madVR Envy Extreme MK2 will be delivered in limited quantities from May 2023. The madVR Envy Pro MK2 is expected to start shipping in summer 2023. Please contact your authorized madVR Envy reseller for more details and updates on how you can get your hands on these highly anticipated products and their delivery times. Please note that any open orders for the Extreme MK1 and Pro MK1 that have not yet shipped will still be fulfilled, or those orders can be upgraded to the MK2 model by simply paying the difference. Although production of the MK1 models will be discontinued, the MK1 will continue to be supported and receive firmware updates. A limited number of MK1 orders can still be accepted at short notice. Please check with your Envy dealer for availability, if any.


The madVR Envy MK2 sets a new standard for dedicated video processing technology, with a host of new and improved features that deliver exceptional video quality, state-of-the-art hardware, superior cooling, enhanced usability and unparalleled reliability. These upgrades not only boost the product’s performance, but also enhance its visual appeal, making it a standout centerpiece in any high-end home theater or media room.

What’s more, the Envy MK2 series comes with a best-in-class 5-year warranty, underlining our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The Envy has been awarded Product of the Year in the Video Processing category for the last two years running, and the MK2 Series builds on this success by offering the most advanced and modern video processing technology on the market. In addition, the Envy MK2’s highly intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that even inexperienced users can easily install the device, navigate the menus and settings and make the most of the advanced features without the fear of a complex system.

Whether you’re a high-end professional integrator or an enthusiast looking for the ultimate immersive home theater or media room cinema experience, the Envy MK2 is the clear choice for unsurpassed video quality and performance.

Industry leader and platform provider

madVR Envy

The award-winning madVR Envy uses patent-pending video processing to deliver the ultimate picture quality in your dedicated home theater. Enjoy the most dramatic yet highly accurate dynamic 4K HDR sound mapping, instant aspect ratio detection, subtitle management for scope screens and non-linear stretching like you’ve never seen before.

The Envy also offers unrivalled 4K upscaling, specialized sharpening and detail enhancement, 3D and 1D LUT calibration with unprecedented precision and much more. The Envy is the first and only dedicated video processor that uses machine learning algorithms with real-time video streams to take your video quality to a whole new level. The Envy installs in minutes and is a joy to use.

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Discover the madVR Envy I The most advanced modern video processor for high-end cinema

The madVR Envy video processor delivers the ultimate visual cinematic experience for your home theater by using the world’s most advanced and best video processing. No other product pushes every pixel to its extreme potential. Add Envy to your theater in just five minutes!

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