Ultra bright and maximum contrast

ARLED LED Home Cinema Screen

The LED Videowall is an old acquaintance in the field of event design and outdoor advertising. We make this technology fit for the home cinema. The home cinema LED Videowall from ARLED is the current zenith in moving image technology. With almost 100% black front we achieve an extremely high contrast performance. But inform yourself on this page.

Absolutely no compromise: maximum quality, brightness, color intensity and resolution!

The time has come. LED Videowall technology moves into the home cinema. LED Home Cinema Screen is the keyword and sets new standards. Our ARLED LED Home Cinema Screen impresses with absolute homogeneity of the screen surface. Our specially developed LED units are nested and firmly connected in a modified modular design. The entire power requirement of such a LED Home Cinema Screen is covered by a separate power unit, which can be installed in the technical room. With a brightness of up to 1,200 Nit, the LED video wall technology is many times brighter than professional projectors with the same image size. Also in terms of color reproduction, the home theater LED video wall does not have to hide from the best RGB laser projectors, on the contrary, depending on the chip equipment, it is possible to achieve up to 92% of the BT 2020 color space (further increases will be added in the future).

With a refresh rate of 120 hertz, even 3D applications are no challenge.

Already convinced? Make an appointment at our Moviecore demo cinema. Get to know the technology.

Absolute dark I Absolute black

Convincing technology

Each module features SmartModule technology. Calibration data retrieval and parameter backup functions are built into each module. In addition, the power system, temperature and other working status are automatically monitored to achieve intelligent management. This management can be read and monitored externally if required.

The LED modules and the LEDs used also have the certification of the higher EMC/EMC class B and are classified as “0” according to DIN EN 62471 (no blue light hazard.). We recommend this especially for setups where people sit directly in front of the home cinema screens.

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Technical data

  • 1,200 nit brightness depending on version

  • Converted to approx. max 3700 ANSI lumens per square meter of screen area

  • Pixelpitch 1,87 ; 1,56 ; 1,25 ; 0,9 ; 0,7 mm

  • 100% pure black due to blackface LED

  • Structure in SMD, Mini, Micro LED technology with and without GOB coating possible

  • True 16 bit grayscale processing (virtual up to 20 bit)

  • HDR and 3D capable ; depending on version up to 240 Hz signal processing

  • Approx. 30 % lower heat generation of the LED units than comparable products (with outsourced power supplies)

  • FHD, UHD and above, resolution is available. Depending on size and pixel pitch