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MAG Cinema sound systems

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for MAG Audio Company. Based on more than 25 years of experience, MAG Audio offers a professional team of sound engineers, technicians and audio experts working towards the same goal: the best products for sounding rooms.

That’s MAG Audio: Winner of many prestigious awards, member of ICTA – International Cinema Technology Association, among others, and most recently exclusive audio supplier to the Cannes Film Festival …

MAG Audio has developed a wide range of products for various applications, including touring sound, installation sound, portable sound and automotive sound. It carried out numerous audiovisual installations, collaborated with many complementary product suppliers, all with the essential idea of satisfying the needs of our end users. Following this philosophy, MAG Audio Company has developed the line of carefully designed cinema-oriented products. Working with several cinema installation suppliers, we as ARLED Cinema ensure that the products are reliable, competitive and easy to set up. With the Cinema series of MAG Audio you are well advised and can experience the system live with us.

We have it 2 times: 145 dB pressure and 5,000 watts power each.

MAG THOR Subwoofer
ARLED Edition

THOR – one of the most advanced cinema subwoofers in the world, designed for an unparalleled cinema experience. With a frequency range of 16 to 120 Hz and SPL peaking at 140 dB at 16 Hz, THOR reproduces cinema track features beyond the capabilities of conventional subwoofers.

THOR HK Edition features an innovative and newly developed M-Drive®- driver, with tremendous power headroom, providing exceptional sound pressure and 5000 W of rated power, via the matching amplifier. The rigid, heavily reinforced cabinet was made as slim as possible to fit in the limited space behind the screen.

THOR HK Edition is based on Powersoft ®’s M-Force ® technology and has now been redesigned again for the HK version, so that a different driver + technology is used. Incredible performance in terms of power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum sound pressure are just some of the innovative features and improvements over conventionally powered subwoofers.

With such an advanced driver at its heart, THOR HK edition is designed to decisively exceed the listening expectations of discerning cinema + home theater visitors, while providing SPL and reliability far beyond the capabilities of conventional speakers.