Large theater or home theater. We provide the service.


Whether large-scale commercial cinema or high-quality home cinema: we provide the necessary service. As a specialist dealer for professional AV equipment, we can provide you with comprehensive
and train you in all aspects of your dream cinema.


As a specialist dealer for professional AV equipment, we can advise you comprehensively on all aspects of your dream cinema. Through several days of training from various manufacturers, as well as our in-house tests, we are always on the pulse of technological innovations, which we can pass on to you.


We offer you a comprehensive and realistic virtual reality planning. Take a virtual seat before the construction of your individual cinema. This allows you to experience the effect in the room and make adjustments before even a single move is made.


Thanks to our cooperation partners you have the possibility to get a turnkey object. Everything necessary for the construction of your dream can be coordinated by us. From floor laying to Crestron media control, we offer you all trades. In addition to the actual media technology, this includes control, air conditioning, lighting and general construction technology.


Absolutely every screen must be calibrated to create image values that are as close to reality as possible, which reflects our demand for image quality. Whether LED home cinema screen, projector or display, each device comes to the customer from the factory with different characteristics and representable color space. Using professional measurement technology, these devices can be calibrated and adjusted accordingly. For this purpose, we exclusively use professional equipment from the large cinema sector, such as the Qualif Spectro, in order to record and adjust values as precisely as possible. Only in this way can we achieve an optimal result for you.


You have an extraordinary and unique cinema from ARLED Cinema with additional LED surfaces from the LED Expansion Kit and want to show your own individual video show in your cinema? No problem, because we create your desired content. Wrap your cinema in a grass landscape moving in the wind, expand your movie with additional content and effects or play your own trailer. We build this content for you within a short time and play it within minutes via the content management system in your cinema.


ARLED Cinema has been a partner of a content management system developed in Germany for over 5 years. This system allows you to manage and control content from anywhere in the world. Networked with touch control panels or your smartphone, you can play your favorite scenes quickly and easily via touch. Via a cloud interface, you also have the option of building content yourself or having it constructed by ARLED. Within minutes, new sequences are played on your system.