Barco TruePix

Now new at ARLED Cinema, your competent partner with many years of Finepitch LED Wall experience:


High Performance Home Cinema LED Wall

Unique “smart engineering systems” ensure an absolute fitting accuracy of all cabinet single modules.

Through further fine tuning and alignment of the cabinet individual modules, we achieve a one hundred percent gap and line free appearance.

The result is a uniform, crisp image without any reflection.

The TruePix LED video wall is optimized for dedicated home cinema use in terms of color accuracy, homogeneity, low-grey balance, scan rate, refresh rate and color bit resolution.

All standards such as HDR, 3D and 4K with up to 240 FPS are met.

Each TruePix LED videowall is individually adjusted and delivered according to customer requirements in the area of sharpness and processing including a high-quality DTM video processor (Mad VR Envy Extreme MK2).

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