Acoustic modules for the home theater


Our Glowcoustic series has been tested in the sound laboratory and complies with absorption class A according to DIN EN ISO 11654, DIN ISO 354 and meets fire protection class B1 (DIN EN 13501-1: 2007).

With us, you get your acoustic solution for every application manufactured to the millimeter. You decide freely on the absorption class and the motif. Without motif, only with a white cloth, each Glowcoustic can also be used as an LED lamp for area illumination.

Glowcoustic combines the classic LED light box with acoustic reverberation reduction and thus demonstrably and DIN-tested influences any room acoustics.

For those who like it simple: You will receive your Glowcoustic module in ready-made individual parts. After a few minutes, the Glowcoustic module is completely assembled and you can use it.

Glowcoustic means DIN-tested acoustic modulation, flame-retardant printed fabrics and a Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® printing process. Unique in this combination and without the aid of chemical printing inks.

Tested according to DIN EN ISO 11654, DIN ISO 354 and fire protection class B1 and installed in commercial cinemas.