The invisible highlight

LED Expansion Kit

The LED Expansion Kit includes 3 different versions of LED technologies. The LED additional Modules is a flat video wall, which brings unimagined effects into the home theater. Equipped with a multitude of individual LEDs, each module can be used separately with content. So you can create the “aha” moment in your cinema with special admission and intermission content, but also with content specially adapted to trailers and films.

The matching LED tubes are interactive led strips in special aluminum housings with different covers. The LED Videotupes complement the immersive experience in the home cinema with their direct live animation.

The invisible shocker: install the LED transparent Modules, in its different versions, behind acoustic fabric or as a wall divider in the room and impress your visitors with content guided animation or light effects.

No matter what purpose: The LED transparent modules can be used almost anywhere. Use the transparent optics as an eye-catcher for extraordinary productions. The high brightness of up to 5,000 cd/m² ensures that the transparent modules remain clearly visible even behind black acoustic fabric. In the proven modular design of 100×50 centimeters, small areas but also larger walls/ceilings can be covered with the Led transparent Modules. The clear advantage is the open-air design of the LED modules, which means that the surfaces do not influence the acoustics and do not represent a sound-reflecting surface.

Already convinced? Make an appointment in our demo cinema Moviecore. Get to know the technology.

The digital home cinema

Content anywhere in the room

The expansion of the projection surface is an exciting topic. Probably the best known optical expansion is the “Ambilight. We take this idea to the next level and offer with the ARLED LED Expansion Kit fully digital image surfaces for free mounting in the home theater. The installation is extremely simple:
The modules can be suspended via a special rail system. The electronics are installed internally in these modules. An electrical connection is thus possible simply by Plug&Play. Different sizes can thus be installed quickly and easily. The self-supporting construction and the sophisticated mounting design allows individual modules to be detached from the overall assembly if necessary and to be serviced or replaced in the event of a defect.

Controlled by one or more LED controllers, any videos and animations can be played on the LED walls via HDMI. Thus, completely new productions can be set up.

LED transparent Modules

LED additional Modules

LED Videotubes