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Christie projectors

When buying a projector, there are a variety of options to consider. From display technology to lighting type to performance features. Deciding on the “best choice” doesn’t mean you need the brightest and most expensive. It means being able to assess the deployment environment in which you want to show content. You need to understand benefits to determine the best choice for your application. We can help you do that.

Christie Digital Systems USA offers great projector solutions for any home theater.

ARLED Cinema is the distributor for the Christie projectors in ARLED Edition

Christie M 4K15 RGB

The Christie® M 4K RGB Series re-imagines and reinvents the rugged and reliable M Series industry workhorse with innovative, cutting-edge RGB pure laser technology. This versatile series is a new peak of perfection for our 3DLP® RGB pure laser projection technology.

The M 4K15 RGB ARLED Cinema Edition provides 9500 lumens with UHD 4K (3840 x 2160), quiet operation, double the color, and quadruple the resolution of our legacy M Series.

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25.000 Lumen: Christie M 4K25 RGB

The Christie M 4k25 RGB laser projector is the robust and reliable workhorse of the M series of innovative, state-of-the-art RGB laser technology. With its UHD 4K resolution, electronic color convergence (ECC) and intelligent lens system (ILS2), it impresses across the board. With 25,000 lumens and an incredibly small form factor, the new M 4K25 RGB is not only very quiet, but also offers double the brightness, double the color volume and quadruple the resolution of the older Christie M series.

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Introducing the Christie Griffyn 4K35 + 4K50 RGB

The Christie Griffyn 4K35 + 4K50-RGB produces an exceptionally wide color gamut and achieves> 96% of Rec. 2020 color gamut – more than double Rec. 709 and 50% more than DCI-P3 capable projectors – for an enhanced audience experience. And optional High Frame Rate (HFR) capability for 120 Hz at 4K resolution or up to 480 Hz at 2K resolution. The Christie Griffyn is ready to transport your audience to colorful new worlds.

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