2 years development time on manufacturer side


WE HAVE IT: the Futurestone in our home theater of the future. Rock deposits of the earth provide people with luxurious natural stones, whose translucent texture and individual grains are used by Futurestone to create an unprecedented atmosphere.

Futurestone gives you an unprecedented opportunity to customize the feel of the room to match your personal mood, the sound of the music, and the atmosphere of the event.

Over a two-year development period, the Futurestone team perfected the tuning of brightness, contrast and depth to create an optimal symbiosis of stone and technology.

Immerse yourself in the artistic process with Futurestone’s graphic designers and bring your ideas to life. Millions of designs can be created from a single natural stone.

Absolutely no compromises: maximum demand for natural stone lovers

Already convinced? Make an appointment at our Moviecore demo cinema. Get to know the technology.

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