Everything for the perfect projection

Professional projectors and tuning

Barco projectors

Designed for movie lovers who crave the finest cinema reproduction, Barco Residential offers the best home cinema experience. Both in terms of image quality and exclusivity. Barco Residential brings the world’s best projectors to the best home theaters and media rooms. Barco offers great projector solutions for every home theater. ARLED Cinema is a distributor for Barco projectors.

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Christie projectors, also as ARLED Edition

When buying a projector, there are a variety of options to consider. From display technology to lighting type to performance features. Deciding on the “best choice” doesn’t mean you need the brightest and most expensive. It means being able to assess the deployment environment in which you want to show content. You need to understand benefits to determine the best choice for your application. We can help you do that.

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iLEP projectors

Another recommendation from us: The iLEP RGB Laser 3Chip DLP projectors. What more could you wish for? High contrast lens. Low noise projector. External water cooling. The iLEP is currently the only RGB Laser 3Chip DLP projector with dynamic contrast control, which means even better black levels, and which was developed specifically for HOME CINEMA. Unique in this class is also the FI, as well as the contrast control.

The iLEP projectors from JM-Lasertec we sell as the only German distributor under license through TecTrade Brun Switzerland. A demonstration unit in the MovieCore cinema is planned.

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When good is not good enough

Projector Tuning

As a licensed dealer for home cinema Christie projectors, we improve the contrast ratio of special home cinema models and optimize, as a further extra, the video processing, including new HDR DTM preparation. Thus, we offer in the package a series of technical improvements, which you get so exclusively with us. The Christie projectors in the ARLED Home Edition series, are implemented and marketed by us. The projectors are additionally equipped with the 3D Kit and are covered by an extended original Christie 100% pixel warranty. You want to get more performance out of the Christie Home Cinema projectors ? Then contact us!

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