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We are ARLED Cinema.

We build superlative home theaters worldwide and are dealers of BARCO Residential, Trinnov Audio, Ascendo Immersive Audio, Christie, MAG Cinema, madVR Envy and Futurestone as well as various products that only we manufacture, such as the ARLED LED- Cinema-Screen, the LED expansion Kit, and Glowcoustic modules. With the MovieCore project we clearly wanted to set an example of what is possible and surpass all previous standards. Visually and acoustically, the room was to achieve perfect, unprecedented results and transmit the greatest possible emotions. VR planning was already included in the 3D planning phase for this purpose. This made it possible to see in advance how components had to be aligned in order to avoid reflections at certain points, for example. As a preventive measure, the huge 80-inch infrasonic subwoofer with 10,000 watts of connected power from Ascendo Immersive Audio was given special consideration during construction. Thus, all components in this cinema were extra strongly fixed. As it turned out afterwards, this was exactly right, because never before has this subwoofer been installed anywhere in the world. The 80 sub can play with surprising precision, but can make the whole roof shake when needed.

For example, David Meyerowitz (International Sales Manager at Trinnov Audio) said:

“Just incredible best of breed products in a room that is acoustically the best I have ever experienced! Well done everyone.”

or Bart Devos (Business Development Manager EMEA (also supporting APAC) – Barco Residential): “If I had to describe the room in three words, I would say magnificient, insane and incredible!”

The whole audio system invites you to sit back and listen to music in high resolution or discover movies and effects in movies in a whole new way.

The perfect acoustics of the room are visually supported by a BARCO Freya +, BARCO Njord Cs, Christie M 4K25 RGB or optionally the ARLED Cinema LED screen, at the push of a button live content from the movie can also be extended to the side and ceiling surfaces. This allows users to increase visual immersion in specific scenes or over the entire length of the film, as needed. In addition, ARLED Cinema can create 360° content itself, which can be customized according to customer requirements. When going to the cinema you dive into completely new spatial atmospheres, which can be created by our additional screens. Right in front among the screens you can discover another world novelty. A Futurestone. This is a natural stone that can be brought to life by self-illuminating video content. It can be made in different sizes and shapes. The natural stone is always unique and a real eye-catcher.

The entire room concept is scalable to different room sizes, so smaller or larger rooms can be equipped with it.

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Special effects mastery

Over 20 years of experience

It all started with the creation of a production line for large format printing of very high quality. The requirements grew quickly. Production was expanded to include aluminum frame technology. We continue to produce for the big brands on the market. In 2011 the Xodiac Screens were created. In 2016, the first cinema chain with LED video walls and illuminated frames followed. Then in 2019 the German Design Award in trade fair construction. A big thing. Now the signs in home cinema construction point to LED technology. Projectors are strong, the competition never sleeps. We want to know and have built the most modern platform cinema for all projector and LED video wall manufacturers.