Cutting-edge technology for the home theater

Barco projectors

Designed for movie lovers who crave the finest cinema reproduction, Barco Residential offers the best home cinema experience. Both in terms of image quality and exclusivity. Barco Residential brings the world’s best projectors to the best home theaters and media rooms.

Barco offers great projector solutions for any home theater.

ARLED Cinema is a distributor for Barco projectors.

Barco Freya+

Designed exclusively for high-end home theaters, the Freya+ offers more contrast and a wider color gamut on par with Barco’s reference Thor projector. It features the latest native 4K DLP® chipsets from Texas Instruments and the highly acclaimed Barco Alchemy ICMP (Integrated Cinema Media Processor).

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Barco Njord Cinemascope

Barco Njord Cinemascope with Barco’s powerful 2.37:1 DLP engine, its exceptional design allows you to show a Cinemascope film without the need for an anamorphic lens. The light source and optical engine have been completely redesigned, made smaller and more efficient, and most importantly, optimized for perfect cinema color.

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Barco Bragi Cinemascope

Based on Barco’s renowned Pulse electronics and software platform, the Barco Bragi CinemaScope is powered by a revolutionary new high lumen density (HLD) RGB LED light source.

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