Proven for over 20 years and Made in Norway

DreamScreen home theater screens

DreamScreen is a Norwegian brand of advanced AV equipment. Founded in 2002 in Oslo, Norway, we have spent many years developing and distributing products in the advanced audio and video segment, including studio quality screens, furniture and soundproofing products. Our main focus has always been to provide DIY quality and complexity at custom installation levels directly at lower prices, so that hi-end XXL cinema would be possible for an even larger group of (awesome) people. After all, we are also true AV enthusiasts!

More is not possible: DREAMSCREEN ULTRAFRAME and ULTRAWEAVE now in the German specialized trade with us:

While Dreamscreen’s focus is certainly on providing a full range of specialty items – from construction to outfitting your theater – the acoustically transparent screen is probably one of the most critical components in a modern high-class theater and can cripple both sound and image. Dreamscreen found that suppliers simply weren’t able to deliver the quality this segment deserved, and Dreamscreen began developing their own line of acoustically transparent screen fabrics more than twenty years ago. The current generation of fabrics uses a brand new method: multiple reflective layers. To achieve this, Dreamscreen has spent year after year researching and consuming tens of thousands of yards of fabric. As a result, Dreamscreen has patented the technique in all major markets, including the EU and the USA.

ARLED Solutions GmbH, respectively ARLED Cinema, is proud to be a part of the Dreamscree family. As a retail partner for Germany you can get Dreamscreen products exclusively from us.

Patented in major markets around the world for outstanding cinema experiences

Dream Screen Ultra Weave

For the development of the 7th generation UltraWeave, Dreamscreen had a clear mission!

Use the patented multi-layer principle to increase gain levels to the absolute maximum possible while maintaining the ultra-matte properties of a perfectly functioning Unity Gain screen. At the same time, the goal was to keep the acoustic transparency at the highest possible level.

The solution to this challenge was to add another custom reflective layer and increase the number of layers from 3 to 4. A front ultra-fine woven layer and three layers of knitted fabrics in various layouts and configurations. Everything is custom-made, right down to the thread diameter and the carefully coordinated look of each layer.

While each layer does its own job, all the layers add up to provide the award-winning properties of any Dreamscreen screen – true innovation from The Power of 4!

Technical data

  • Cloth size: 2.3 x 4m and 2.3 × 5.3m

  • Gain (D65 benchmarked): 0.9
  • For resolutions up to 8K. Zero moiré guarantee at any resolution

  • Incl. wall bracket and accessories

  • Other image sizes and formats always possible on request