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Ascendo Immersive Audio

ASCENDO has been researching the ideal loudspeaker for two decades. We consistently implement the results of our work in the development and production of our loudspeakers. You can hear, see, feel – and enjoy it every day.

20 years of research and development for the ideal loudspeaker. That is ASCENDO Immersive Audio. Consistent speaker development and production means you can enjoy every day.

ASCENDO Immersive Audio (AIA) develops and manufactures both active and passive home theater speakers & subwoofers. The focus is on the natural and realistic reproduction of three-dimensional sound worlds.

ASCENDO Immersive Audio offers a perfect listening experience due to the three-dimensional imaging, speech intelligibility, dynamics and precision without disturbing resonances.

As ASCENDO’s retail partner, we specialize in reproducing the lowest infrasonic frequencies, which are below the hearing threshold of 20 Hz.

These result in a much more precise spatiality and a more vivid reproduction with finest detail resolution, as a lot of acoustic information is contained in these ultra-low frequencies.

ASCENDO’s systems are optimized to reproduce sound from the lowest to the highest volumes without distortion.

All seats in the cinema use the point-source coaxial loudspeakers and digital DSP-controlled room corrections designed specifically for this purpose.

This result is based on decades of research.

ASCENDO Products

Ascendo The Director
Ascendo – The Director
Ascendo The 80 Sub
Ascendo – The 80 Sub Passive
Ascendo The 5 Passive On Wall
Ascendo – The 5 Passive On Wall
Ascendo The 6 Passive On Wall
Ascendo – The 6 Passive On Wall
Ascendo The 6 Passive Wedge
Ascendo – The 6 Passive Wedge
Ascendo The 10 Passive
Ascendo – The 10 Passive On Wall
Ascendo The 12 Active On Wall
Ascendo – The 12 Active On Wall
Ascendo – The 12 Passive On Wall
Ascendo The 12 Active Wedge
Ascendo – The 12 Active Wedge
Ascendo The 15 Active
Ascendo – The 15 Active

ASCENDO ProWe HAVE IT: SMSG50, 140 dB peak, 6,000 watt power ducts


The SMSG50 breaks all known standards when it comes to the reproduction of even the lowest frequencies, and at the same time provides the final proof of how important the infrasonic subwoofer is in serious cinema arrangements. This is where boundaries are pushed, where the foundation is laid for a superlative cinema experience.

Equipped with the gigantic custom-built 127 cm / 50″ driver and powered by DSP controlled 6,000 W with AIA Speaker Management Technology, the SMSG50 is the most powerful cinema subwoofer in the world.

Due to its ultra-low resonant frequency and closed cabinet design, this mega subwoofer is also extremely fast. Absolutely unique and fascinating with what effortlessness the SMSG50 reproduces the lowest sounds below 7 Hz. Per maximum stroke, the SMSG50 moves as much air as 40 standard 18″ subwoofers. The SMSG50 transmits this indescribable bass power into the cinema room with high resolution, structure and explosive speed and, if required, with peak levels of 140 dB. A staggering 105 dB of sound pressure at 5 Hz underscores its unique position.

The SMSG50 redefines performance. With its extremely high speed and low frequency resolution, it enriches all reference home theaters or even high-end chains and brings their low frequency performance to a previously unknown level.

SMSG50 – the pinnacle of subwoofer technology.